Higher School of Arbitrators

          The NGO "Defender of Rights" was created on 01/24/2003. The members of the Organization are lawyers and attorneys who created their own commercial arbitration court at their own expense and carried out joint projects with USAID World Learning in 2005-2006 and with the USAID Eurasia Foundation. The main goal of the NGO and its members was to promote the development of arbitration in the Republic of Armenia, for the implementation of which in 2007 the Organization created the Higher School of Arbitrators, into which persons over 25 years old and a higher legal education have been and can be enrolled.

          In order for the arbitration to take place, it is necessary to trust in the arbitration process, which is made possible by the presence of professional staff. In the Republic of Armenia, there is still little confidence in arbitration, since the society is not well aware of the nature of the arbitration, the nature of the activity, and there are no relevant specialists and professionals.

          In essence, the arbitrator also administers justice in other developed countries, such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany and other European countries that have the status of a judge, and since arbitration is widely practiced in these countries, it significantly reduces the burden of courts of general jurisdiction and resolves disputes within effective and short terms. To comparison, about 60% of commercial disputes in the United States are considered by the arbitral tribunal, and the London Court of International Arbitration (LCIA), considered the oldest arbitration tribunal established in 1892. It deals with all kinds of commercial disputes. The legislation and the scope of practice created by the London Court of International Arbitration (LCIA) are of particular interest for resolving individual disputes in certain categories.

          This is due to the fact that there is confidence in the arbitration, which is due to the presence of qualified specialists who are trained in highly qualified professional institutions.

          For example, in recent years, several institutions have been established at universities specializing in the study of arbitration in Germany, including the Heidelberg Center for International Dispute Resolution, Center for Transnational Law, Institute of European and International Cooperation (Rechtsinstitut für europäische und internationale Zusammenarbeit - RIZ).

          Unlike other countries, arbitrators in the Republic of Armenia are self-taught, and in accordance with Article 11 (1) of the RA Law on Commercial Arbitration, any working person over 25 years old who has a higher education can be an arbitrator. Consequently, anyone whose ability and age meet the requirements of this law can administer justice, which is not enough to establish justice. For example, the Academy of Justice has been established in the Republic of Armenia to train judges who also perform justice in order to expand the professional knowledge and skills necessary for future judges. And if we take into account the fact that an arbitrator is a judge, for the same reason, the arbitrators should also be trained in the school created for them.

          The creation of the School is due to the need to have qualified specialists for the professional and prompt resolution of disputes. Only with the availability of qualified specialists is it possible to gain confidence in the arbitration court.

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